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Rebel Star Assembly

Rebel Star Assembly refers to the production of products comprised of Rebel Star LED's (light-emitting diodes) pre-soldered onto a metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB) base.

Benefits of Rebel Star Assembly

Rebel Star High Power LED's (HP LED's) have the ability to be driven by currents ranging from hundreds of milliamps (mA) to over 1 amp. Some HP LED's are capable of emitting greater than 1,000 lumens. Conventional LED's have maximum current capacities of only tens of milliamps, rather than hundreds.

Applications of Rebel Star Assembly

It is now more possible than ever before for Solid State Lighting that utilizes Rebel Star Assembly technology to demonstrate greater efficiency, reliability, and color quality. It is also currently longer-lasting than in the past.
These assemblies are useful for illuminating outdoor areas, offices, shops, homes or hotels.
Certain High Power LED's currently perform at a luminous efficacy of over 105 Lumens per Watt (lm/W). It should be noted that Rebel Star Assembly's degree of power efficiency is beneficial for "green technology" efforts.