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Metal Core PCB

Metal Core PCB Fabrication

Metal Core PCB Fabrication includes the design and production of printed circuit boards (PCB's) with a metal core, intended for use with LED-based Solid State Lighting and other applications where heat dissipation is required.

Benefits of Metal Core PCB Fabrication

Metal Core PCB Fabrication presents a host of beneficial features for a variety of applications. A lower thermal resistance can be achieved as a result of MCPCB's which incorporate a dielectric polymer layer together with a high thermal conductivity level.
Metal Core PCB Fabrication produces a product that transfers heat up to nine times more rapidly than a typical FR4 PCB. The laminates in MCPCB's dissipate heat which ensures that components which generate heat will remain cooler. This leads to a longer operating life as well as maximized performance for such components.

Applications of Metal Core PCB Fabrication

With the adoption of new technologies, there are many more applications for Metal Core PCB Fabrication. This technology is ideal for applications where components generate a large amount of heat and have difficulty being cooled using conventional fans and other cooling methods. In Solid State Lighting, MCPCB's help achieve a higher level of illumination with fewer LED's required to produce it.
Although LED-based Solid State Light technologies have countless advantages, they inherently produce significant amounts of heat. This makes Metal Core PCB Fabrication helpful for applications like:

  • General Lighting
  • Automotive Systems
  • Power Converters (industrial, telecom, power supplies, and high voltage regulators)
  • Photovoltaic
  • Street Safety (lighting, streetlights, etc.)
  • Back Light Applications