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Luxeon Rebel Assembly

Luxeon Rebel Assembly refers to the production of Solid State Lighting systems and products based on highly efficient Luxeon Rebel LED technology. These components are leading-edge, ultra-compact, high-power, surface mount LEDs.

Benefits of Luxeon Rebel Assembly

All models of LED's used in Luxeon Rebel Assembly feature optimum thermal performance and high lumen output. Due to their compact design, Rebel LED's can be packed tightly together when mounted, which maximizes the amount of light output per unit area on the circuit board. This can be accomplished while simultaneously maintaining high optical output and superior luminescent efficacy. Other benefits of Luxeon Rebel Assembly include:

  • Extraordinarily Long Life—far beyond any conventional source of light
  • Friendly to the Environment
  • Low voltage (minimal energy consumption)

Applications of Luxeon Rebel Assembly

Luxeon Rebel Assembly has a multitude of Solid State Lighting applications, such as illumination of homes, hotels, offices, outdoors areas, shops and more. Luxeon Rebel Assembly applications go above and beyond ENERGY STAR® requirements, in support of sustainable lighting solutions. The portfolio of available LED's from the Rebel product line are offered in numerous CRI/CCT combinations, in CCT and flux ranges and with designated efficacy minimums. This easily enables you to procure Luxeon Rebel Assembly with LED's matching the precise performance levels you need for your application.