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Intematix LED Assembly

Intematix LED Assembly refers to the production of Solid State Lighting products that feature patented phosphor technology from the Intematix Corporation. Phosphor, a material that is luminescent, is crucial for a wide range of lighting applications, particularly for LED's. The majority of all LED's are blue LED's covered in a coating of phosphor.

Benefits of Intematix LED Assembly

The truest, richest color intensity levels can be achieved using Intematix LED Assembly technology. This light-emitting diode technology also boasts the broadest color range available on the market today.
Intematix LED Assembly opens up an unlimited range of possibilities for solid state lighting systems and products. They provide uniform light quality and are glare-free.
Energy consumption is reduced while simultaneously boosting luminous efficacy levels and overall efficiency by up to 30% (in contrast to standard LED lighting designs).
Intematix LED Assembly can incorporate a broad range of garnets, aluminates, silicates, and nitrides in yellow, orange, red and green colors. Intematix based products come with the brand's thorough understanding of the nature of the interaction of various materials.

Applications of Intematix LED Assembly

There are many applications of Intematix LED Assembly, including: spots and modules, downlights, modular shapes for linear lighting, task lighting, retrofit lamps, high bay, colored lighting for vehicles and signals, and panel lighting.