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High Power LED Circuits

High Power LED Circuits consist of configurations of light-emitting diodes, which can be driven at higher voltages than conventional LED's, paired with a matched electric power circuit to provide the appropriate power.

Benefits of High Power LED Circuits

These circuits are capable of driving LED's at currents up to hundreds of milliamps (mA)—even over 1 amp. Other types of LED's are only capable of being driven at tens of milliamps.

Many High Power LED Circuits can emit in excess of one thousand lumens.

One HPLED can be used in a torch as an alternative replacement for incandescent light technology.

An array of HPLEDs can be set, forming a very bright LED lamp.

Typical HPLED efficacy is 40 lm/W (lumens per Watt).

The technical advantages of energy usage, brightness and lifespan that High Power LED Circuits present outweigh the production and design costs.

Applications of High Power LED Circuits

High Power LED Circuits have many applications, including use in Solid State Lighting products such as electronic signs, accent lighting, decorative panels, luminaries, video displays, video lighting, emergency lighting, cove lighting, outdoor luminaries, architectural lighting, LED screens, neon replacements, LED walls and much more.