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What is PCB EMS?

PCB EMS, or Printed Circuit Board Electronic Manufacturing Services, has numerous advantages and applications within a variety of technology fields. Meticulous planning and attention to detail is required in the placement and spacing of components, hole sizes and location, component lead spacing, the selection of the components themselves, and other considerations with regard to PCB layout.

The processes of PCB EMS involve the manufacturing of many complex parts and may comprise a variety of services such as engineering design, PCB fabrication and assembly, procurement of parts, turnkey or box builds, and functional testing.

Benefits of PCB EMS

During product builds, proper execution of PCB EMS reduces the total manufacturing time for the product, decreases cost, and increases performance. Fast turnaround can be attained but may vary depending upon the complexity of the Printed Circuit Board and availability of electronic components.

Applications of PCB EMS

PCB EMS applies to a vast number of technologies in a variety of industries. Practically any product that contains electronic components can benefit from PCB EMS.

PCB EMS is utilized for telecommunications, including radios for police and fire/rescue, SatCom transceivers, equipment for digital networking, private and commercial aircraft instrumentation and radios, cellular phone relay stations, and laboratory instrumentation.

PCB EMS can also apply to consumer electronics such as CD players, digital watches, alarm clocks with AM/FM radios, calculators, televisions, microwave ovens, cell phones, home theater products, remote control toys, hand held video games, cable TV converter boxes, and digital coffee pots.

Instrumentation and electronics for industrial applications also utilize PCB EMS, including weather telemetry and radar, network analyzers, strain gauges, temperature meters, spectrum analyzers, CCD telescopes, oscilloscopes, Ohm meters, switcher power supplies, environmental chambers and ovens. Other applications for PCB EMS include products in a vast number of industries such as military, aerospace, automotive and medical.