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PCB Contract Manufacturing

What is a PCB Contract Manufacturing?

PCB Contract Manufacturing involves the design, fabrication and assembly of printed circuit boards (PCB’s) and related electronic subassemblies utilizing a variety of highly precise and standardized manufacturing technologies.

Benefits of PCB Contract Manufacturing

Enlisting the services of a company for PCB Contract Manufacturing provides many advantages over in-house processing. Generally speaking, flexibility, reduced costs, and access to external expertise are introduced when PCB Contract Manufacturing is utilized. In situations where high volume production is necessary, time is saved, accuracy is increased and cost savings are realized.

Consistent performance and adherence to standardized manufacturing procedures are extremely important when electronic products are manufactured and mass produced. PCB Contract Manufacturing institutes a level of quality and performance not otherwise possible without highly sophisticated equipment and highly skilled operators. The need for uniformity of components within an electronic assembly as well as the proper placement of components, such as LED’s in a Solid State Lighting device, is another concern that is addressed by the PCB Contract Manufacturer.

Applications of PCB’s produced in Contract Manufacturing?

Printed Circuit Boards are utilized in many technological applications. PCB Contract Manufacturing can be divided into three classes: general electronics, dedicated service electronics, and high reliability electronics.

General electronics utilize PCB Contract Manufacturing in devices primarily for consumer use such as computers and computer accessories. This general level also covers basic military hardware.

Dedicated service electronics that can benefit from PCB Contract Manufacturing include equipment and instrumentation for which requirements for long life and high levels of performance are more pressing than the less critical requirements associated with products in the general electronics category.

PCB Contract Manufacturing is essential for high reliability electronics that include professional and industrial equipment, weapons systems, and life support systems. These commercial and military applications require a finished product where there is no tolerance for downtime or failure of technology and where guaranteed performance is paramount and service is crucial.