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MCPCB Manufacturer

What is a MCPCB Manufacturer?

A MCPCB Manufacturer is a company contracted to custom design, fabricate, assemble and mass produce Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards (MCPCBs) for a variety of electronic devices and systems.

Benefits of a MCPCB Manufacturer

MCPCB technology contains a base metal—most often consisting of an aluminum alloy—incorporated directly into the Printed Circuit Board (PCB). The presence of the metal core introduces highly efficient thermal management properties into the PCB. Mass production of Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards is best outsourced to a professional MCPCB Manufacturer. Costs in manufacturing can be reduced by allowing the process to be handled by a facility that specializes in design, fabrication and assembly of Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards.

A MCPCB Manufacturer can help devise solutions that speed up the overall development process of a product or prototype. The growth of an electronics company depends on the quality of the components that comprise its products. Enlisting a dedicated and established MCPCB Manufacturer ensures quality, reliability and efficiency. A Metal Core Circuit Board is at the heart of all complex electronic devices and systems.

Applications of a MCPCB

Many applications are well-suited for the utilization of a MCPCB Manufacturer. Any technology where heat dissipation is critical can benefit from the services of a manufacturer that has the capabilities to custom build and produce a Metal Core Circuit Board for incorporation into prototypes and production units. Industries that may be in the market to contract a MCPCB for their projects include: medical, consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, military, instrumentation, and computers, just to name a few.