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Electronic Assembly Companies

What are Electronic Assembly Companies?

Electronic Assembly Companies are in the business of manufacturing and testing printed circuit board assemblies, cable assemblies, cable harnesses, wiring harnesses and/or printed wiring boards for electronic products in a wide range of industries. Enlisting a third party to manufacture these assemblies is very advantageous for many reasons.

Benefits of Electronic Assembly Companies

Electronic Assembly Companies offer flexibility and eased human resources issues for smaller companies doing limited production builds. In addition, Electronic Assembly Companies are designed to specialize in large economies of scale in manufacturing, raw materials procurement and pooling together resources, including industrial design expertises. They also provide value-added services such as engineering design, manufacturability analyses, functional testing, trouble-shooting services and subsystem integrations. This frees up the customer who does not need to manufacture and keep huge inventories of products. As a result, the customer can respond to sudden spikes in demand more quickly and efficiently.