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Saharsa Reveals Its Progress & Future Plans

Sahasra Semiconductors, an emerging company in India, associated with Sahasra Electronics Pvt. Ltd., Optima Technology Associates, Inc. , InfoPower Technologies Ltd., is focused on chip packaging. The company’s Chief Technology Officer Shiv Kumar shares some of the company’s progress and future plans below.

Saharsa Reveals Its Progress and Future Plans

Saharan Semiconductors’s mission is semiconductor assembly and testing in India. Mr Amrit Manwani (CMD, of the Sahasra Group) is leading this effort to begin real semiconductor manufacturing in India in partnership with Desai Electronics Pvt Ltd.Sahasra has been in the memory business for the last five or so years, memory chip assembly and test is prioritized with LED driver chip assembly and test in the near future.

Initial, low-volume production is planned to start by year-end 2022 as the building, clean room facilities are ready, with purchase and installation of all major tools progressing. Plans are to be a manufacturing operation providing both outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT), as well as, Assembly, Testing, Marking, and Packaging (ATMP) for Sahasra branded products for the Indian market.

The latest released scheme by ISM offers 30 per cent incentive compared to 25 per cent on Capex offered by SPECS. New scheme by ISM is specially dedicated to boost semiconductor manufacturing, since it covers not only capital but other expenses too.

Sahasra has already been involved in assembling chip-on-board (COBs) and solid state drives (SSD) for memory applications, in which NAND Flash ICs are used. Consequently, Sahasra Semiconductors is planning NAND Flash IC packaging to start.

Talks have been ongoing with all major memory suppliers. For Sahasra branded product, marketing efforts have been ongoing with end customers in the end applications in mobile phone, IOTdevices, gateway devices, automotive, and data server/centers.

LED driver packaging, will be the first product completely designed, developed, and assembled in India.