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How can Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers, Customers, and Suppliers speak the same language?

pcba One way is to use a standard convention such as the Association Connecting Electronics Industries, or IPC Standards. The IPC is a global trade association for the electronic interconnect industry ( covering design, Printed Circuit Board manufacturing and electronics assembly. Specific topics covered include: Acceptance, Fabrication, Flexible Circuits, General, High Density / Fine Pitch, High Speed / Frequency, Materials, Quality / Test. Some of the main IPC Standards addressing rigid Printed Circuit Boards are highlighted in bold text below:

Topic Description
Acceptance IPC-1-600 is one of the most widely used documents, along with the IPC-A-610 (Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies) and J-STD-001 (Requirements for Soldered Electrical & Electronic Assemblies).

IPC-6010 covers qualification and performance of printed circuit boards (rigid and flexible) as well as multichip modules and high density boards.

IPC-TR-40 Thermal characteristics of Multilayer boards.

IPC-TR-551 Quality assessment of PCBs used for mounting and interconnecting.

IPC-ML-960 Qualification and performance specifications for mass lamination panels.
Fabrication Specifications for drilling, NC data, board dimensions & tolerances, and molded interconnection.

IPC-2615 covers Printed Board Dimensions and Tolerances.
Flexible Circuits Specification and qualification information is contained in IPC-6013A. Guidelines & materials used for flexible boards in IPC-4202 to 4204.

IPC-M-102 contains 13 separate standards on performance, qualification, design, assembly, etc.
General Addresses packaging, documentation requirements, clean room assessments, and trouble-shooting.

IPC-PE-7404 Troubleshooting guide for printed board manufacturer and assembly.

IPC-T-50G Terms and definitions for interconnecting and packaging electronic circuits.
High Density Interconnect Specification requirements for HDI (High Density Interconnect) and micro-via materials.
High Speed/High Freq Guidelines and specifications for design and fabrication of high speed circuitry including impedance controlled circuits, high speed logic design, microwave boards, etc.
Materials-Foils Defines the general requirements, qualification, inspection, and testing of metals used in production of printed circuit boards.
Materials – Laminate Same as above, except for laminates and non-metallic raw materials.
Quality / Test Detailed descriptions of test and inspection procedures.

IPC-TM-650 is the complete guide for test methods for printed circuit boards and connectors.

IPC-PC-90 Statistical process control.

IPC-QS-95 ISO9000 quality system.
See for more complete information or to purchase various standards.