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OEM, ODM, and EMS Manufacturing

Optima Technology Associates, can offer production of your electronic product from inception to production, including hardware, software, management, applications. Such a total system solution can be difficult to find from other providers.

OEM, ODM, and EMS Manufacturing

There are many considerations to keep in mind when evaluating manufacturers for your custom projects. It may be helpful to review the various roles manufacturers can offer to ensure you select the best possible manufacturing partner.

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturing

Generally follow an end-customer’s generated design and manufacture or assemble to those design requirements. This includes both hardware and software installation (if required).

ODM or Original Design Manufacturing

Involves generation of a new design and subsequent manufacturing / assembly of it. Custom branding, private label, or “white label” of an existing design are often involved.

EMS or Electronics Manufacturing Service

Incorporates, manufacturing of customer’s products, with RMA, warranty, repair, material lifecycle management, testing, certification or other support services.

Optima Technology Associates, provides broad capabilities to deliver “one-stop” manufacturing services.

When you choose to partner with Optima, we’ll leverage our years of experience to optimize the best product solution to meet your needs. Instead of coordinating hardware, software, management and application requirements from multiple suppliers, we can offer one team to provide faster delivery and comprehensive results leveraging our global infrastructure and resources.