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Environmental Monitors

What are Environmental Monitors?

Environmental monitors are sensors that monitor the environmental conditions such as server rooms, factories, or processes. Factors most often monitored are: humidity, temperature, water detection and power failure. Other conditions may also be detected by environmental monitors. The air flow in the equipment environment is one example. If there is any smoke, it can also be sensed quickly and the administrator can be alerted immediately. Motion and physical activity in the area surrounding equipment can also be detected and notified by environmental monitors.

What are the benefits of Environmental Monitors?

The primary benefit of environmental monitors is loss prevention. In a variety of situations, environmental monitors can preserve equipment from malfunction, failure, and permanent damage.

The ability to keep a client aware of the status of their server can increase a hosting company’s clientele and maintain the existing client base. Environmental monitors  also allow awareness that a system may have gone down or is in danger of going down, prior to or simultaneous with any inconveniences to end-users. This can also prevent loss of customers.

What are the applications of Environmental Monitors?

Alerts for environmental monitors can be generated in a variety of ways. Those include email notifications, SMS text messages (via cell phone), text-to-speech (via telephone voice call), audio and visual alerts (via signal tower), etc.

When a GSM modem is used, alerts are sent via a cell phone network, to ensure that alerts will be sent even in cases where the internal network or internet go down. Status messages for environmental monitors can also be obtained and SMS messages sent to the software at the monitoring site.