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Quality Control Methods for Electronics Manufacturing

Quality control process are critical for all aspects of circuit board and electronic device manufacturing processes to ensure compliance to design requirements, and accurate, reliable performance. Critical categories involve component, date and process.

Start with design, selection, and coordination of component packages with PCB layout footprints and Bill of Material (BOM) / Approved Vendor List (AVL). Pay attention to procurement of parts, especially during periods of shortages like in the present environment. Select multiple approved manufacturers and manufacturer part numbers to enable multiple sourcing options and constrained supply situations. Implement controls in purchasing, and manufacturing to catch potential counterfeit parts at receiving.

Verify Component availability 

  • Sourcing from reputable vendors
  • Ensure component supply chain management practices
  • Follow procurement rules and guidelines, if required

Data Management
Precise and accurate data is mandatory for automated PCBA manufacturing. Traceability through the entire manufacturing process, is essential to meet good quality control standards. Follow the guidelines provided by industry organizations such as ISO 9001.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Process Management
ISO 9001 for general quality management processes and rules, and IPC-6011 for printed circuit board manufacturing are the general starting points to relay on. IPC-6011 provides specifications and error limitations acceptable for various classes of PCB manufacturing. The three classes generally differentiate the reliability and service life acceptable for PCBs. Other relevant standards are J-STD-001 (soldered electrical and electronic assemblies) and IPC 610-A (acceptability of electronic assemblies). These are the general guideline standards and specifications to follow for the core process management system.

Ensure the PCB assembly of your projects include the above essential control methods. You can rely on Optima Technology to follow them for all aspects of your PCB assembly.