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Future of Printed Circuit Boards

Printed circuit boards have continued to advance and evolve since their invention back in the 1940’s.  Today, PCBs are smaller, thinner, and denser in circuitry, than could ever be imagined at the beginning. They are also produced more efficiently and at higher volumes due to enhanced manufacturing technology and design software sophistication.

Future of Printed Circuit Boards

As a key component of all electronic products, PCBs are constantly challenged to continue to improve performance, and efficiency, at a lower cost.

Predictions for the future of printed circuit board's, focus on

  • PCB Board Cameras (lens, aperture, image sensor for digital video and pictures mounted on any size PCB)
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Medical Instruments
    • Surveillance
  • 3D Printed Electronics (3D circuits of any imaginable shape)
    • Novel designs with circuits on any carrier
    • Improved efficiency (additive processing, rather than subtractive)
    • Environmental (low cost, recyclable material selection)
    • Quickly advancing and moving towards high-volume production
  • Autoplacers
    • Design process improvements via autoplacers to integrate mechanical and electrical CAD systems
  • High-Speed (defined by signal integrity affected by circuit board layout)
    • Factor include the dielectric of the PCB, the length of the tracks, the proximity to other signals and EMI. 
    • New software tools are emerging to manage high-speed designs
  • Flexible PCBs
    • Presently the fastest growing segment of the PCB market
    • Wearable electronics, displays, medical applications.
    • Thin, lightweight, strong, and capable of fitting into awkward spaces
  • Environmental Concernsn
    • Biodegradable PCBs
    • Replacement of traditional substrates with more environmentally-friendly alternatives

PCB technology will continue to advance into the future as market needs and priorities evolve. As your PCB solutions partner, Optima’s prepared to handle changing needs for the future.