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Engineering Evaluation / Design Project Outline


  1. To define the role of Optima Technology Associates, Inc. (OTA) in the successful design and / or production of customer projects.
  2. To explain the necessary interaction between all parties in the design and manufacturing process, including:
    • The end-customer
    • The designers (OTA)
    • Purchasing
    • Suppliers
    • Compliance / testing

Process Overview

There are 4 major phases to consider with tasks required and ownership described below

  1. Proof of Concept
  2. Prototype
  3. Design for Manufacture
  4. Volume Production / Test

Proof of Concept

The goal is to establish if successful completion of the project can meet customer objectives and for OTA to provide an accurate price quote and project schedule. This enables the customer to determine project viability. The major tasks to be performed are:

Product Specification
  • Generally collaborative
  • Duration generally unknown so OTA’s involvement charged at hourly rate
To enable all parties to agree on desired design results Define basic product functions
  • Performance criteria
  • Physical size
  • Connectors
  • Fault tolerance and protection
  • Target cost
  • Production quantity
  • Compliance standards required
Scope of Work Defines role of OTA in project and assigns task responsibility
  • Component selection / procurement
  • Prototype costs
  • Responsibility for compliance testing
  • Documentation requirements
  • Test equipment/li>
Design Project Costing Product specification and definition of work scope enable OTA to provide a written quote / project plan
Feasibility Study OTA examines the feasibility to achieve specification requirements
Circuit Simulation & Design OTA devises circuit design to achieve desired functions and performance. Simulation and / or breadboard prototypes may be required and a complete circuit diagram is completed
Initial Bill of Materials Once the circuit diagram is complete an approximate bill of materials can be generated and projected production costs can be developed

Prototype Phase

A small number of functional prototypes are built for evaluation. At the conclusion the customer is supplied with:

  • Bill of materials
  • PCB source files
  • Required test / measurement information on performance
  • Assembled prototypes
  • List of additional requirements or open issues, if required.

Design for Manufacture

OTA develops the product from prototype to readiness for mass production based on the expected annual production quantity. A moderate number of pre-production units should be built to debug / evaluate supply, assembly, handling, and logistic issues. The pre-production units should be fabricated with the final PCB layout, enclosures/metalwork and production tool equipment. These units should be subjected to full testing of all critical parameters for inclusion in your product specifications / marketing literature.

Volume Production / Test

Transfer via engineering controlled release to Manufacturing & implementation of production test process which may consist of simple test jigs or fixtures or sophisticated Automatic Test Equipment (ATE). A Scope of Work, similar in nature to the product design brief, must be defined first. This should include PCBA testing, finished system testing, requirements for incoming components, etc.


OTA’s objective is to produce a complete, accurate and timely design for your project. It’s our hope that this outline provides our customer’s with a brief description of the general tasks required and suggested approach to follow to reach this goal. Please indicate by responding to the following to indicate the status / needs for your project.

Design Project Checklist

This checklist can be used to define the range of tasks to be considered by Optima for your project.

Phase Task Yes / No
Proof of Concept Product specification

Proof of Principle analysis
Yes / No

Yes / No
Prototype Component selection

Purchasing / materials analysis

PCB design

Assembly and test

Enclosure, housing

Test bed
Yes / No

Yes / No

Yes / No

Yes / No

Yes / No

Yes / No
Design for Manufacture Develop electronics for component sourcing


Involvement in pre-production build

Involvement in compliance testing

Technical documentation
Yes / No

Yes / No

Yes / No

Yes / No

Yes / No
Test Equipment Test parameter definition

Equipment design

Build of test equipment
Yes / No

Yes / No

Yes / No

Description / Project Summary (Alpha or Numeric Input)