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Component Placement Defects

Summarized below are some typical parts placement defects along with recommended corrections or preventative actions to improve your PCBA process and product quality. At Optima Technology Associates, Inc. we have over 25 years of experience manufacturing PCBs, PCBAs and providing engineering services to help you meet your quality standards and expectations. Contact us today to learn more about working together on your next project.

Defect Cause Action
Paste Pushed off Pads Paste Pushed off Pads Excess component placement pressure. Component placement sensor on P/P machine faulty. Incorrect part dimensions in library. PCB bow or twist out of spec Adjust component placement parameters to allow for paste thickness
Mis-aligned Components Mis-aligned Components Component disturbed before reflow process, component dropped instead of being placed Correct part package parameters within machine library, modify PCB design so ensure all parts are fully visible to AOI
Parts under BGA Parts under BGA Part dropped on BGA footprint before the BGA was placed Check why component dropped (incorrect nozzle, machine fault, machine run too fast), change component placement order to place BGA's first
Upside Down Component Upside Down Component Component flipped over in feeder during index function causing part to be picked and placed upside down. Check indexing function of component feeders is smooth to not cause parts in feeder to flip over.
Wrong Part Placement Wrong Part Placement Component feeder fitted to incorrect position, when reel of components runs out incorrect reel fitted. Implement machine load check and/or first article inspection (FAI) using smart tweezers, Consider installing electrical test module to component placement machine to detect if incorrect type or value part picked before placement.